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Dream Interrupted

At the homeless shelter I knew I most likely would run into a previous student, parent or . . . (please! . . not a co-worker). Then the enthusiastic diners came through the door. I heard, in the most boisterous voice,  “Hey Miss G!” and that’s when I knew my prediction was playing out.

I thought to myself Oh shit, what’s her name? Unfortunately, her name wasn’t even on the tip of my tongue. I don’t want to claim advancement in age for the inconsistent, irrational loss of information that my brain had decided to take. She didn’t ask why I was there. It was like she expected to see me again.

With a plate food of sugary carbs she –what the hell is her name?- joined her transient friends at a table. After completing the tasks assigned, I joined my successful Speech Graduate at her table. She told me how she was working on getting her little girl back, as her friends gave her supportive thumbs up and high fives. It made me feel sad. It would be doubtful she would be given the opportunity to play the mother/caretaker role for her little girl. Then it was time for the diners to depart. The notice was given by the flicker of lights, once, then again.

I was humbled by her last comments that she kept her promise to me, she graduated. She shared future goals, and then the doors were closing. All except the volunteers had to go. As she walked out the door she yelled, “Have a great day Miss G!”

Then, I remembered. “You too Karissa. I’ll see you again!”