the road to change leads through grace


Wanted to share my writing for the day.

“Ambient Music is intended to induce calm and a space to think.”

Sitting here listening to Christmas music in my little space to think. Thinking about how not so long ago listening to Christmas music was difficult because of how I saw it from the lens of grief.  But even as I keep the moment of my son’s passing in the by and by all I can do is be thankful about the journey that God has so graciously led me through and how he has healed the scars and made them beautiful.

This morning my husband and I had breakfast with a lovely young lady that by looking at her you would not know she was a recovering addict.  A picture perfect young lady but with many scars from days not so long gone by. Now living sober and testifying to God’s grace and in no way taking personal credit. All glory given to God. And as we said to her, not all our scars are for everyone to see but some of our scars are for some to see as God uses them to shine beauty on them.  He is doing this with this beautiful young lady.  A gentle, humble, thankful spirit is learning to be the best version of herself that God wants her to be. She through God’s help is making choices for the changes she wants to see rejoicing at the light she is becoming for others to see.

Today she proudly brought me this picture from the ladies at the Grace House which was taken when I had the blessing of sharing my journey with them.  Grace House…. A refuge and place of healing and hope for these beautiful souls. A place that came about because of my amazing friend who listened to God’s calling in his life. Not only does he have a full-time job but he has time for this ministry. A place where some young women by the raw young ages of 18 and 19 have seen and experienced so much more in life than they ever should but come to this a place of grace to find refuge and hope. Unsung eternal heroes like my friend are all around us that live life beyond themselves and provide that kind of hope. And I think of another dear friend who is one of the busiest people I know but gives and gives to make a difference in the eternal lives of others.

So, as I am in my little space listening to melodic, sweet Christmas music that cheers and warms my soul, even if I don’t like the feel of the cold, all I can think is that I am glad I see Christmas as a time of hope.  Hope that makes our scars beautiful!

Today is my favorite day!!

A Grateful Mother and Friend


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