the road to change leads through grace

I may out date myself but there was a common saying frequently used, “I’m not gonna lie.” This was something you were going to be painfully truthful about.
I read the paper everyday and I’m not gonna lie, I read the obituaries. Occasionally I am inspired by the life lived by a simple, unassuming person. Today it was Debrorah. She died at the age of 64. She was an only child and “leaves no immediate relatives. However, Deb leaves an array of loving friends who will miss her greatly.” The article goes on to tell of the love and kindness she gave and how she suffered from Huntington’s Disease. This is a progressive neurological disease. The article continues,”It took every function away from her except her smile, her faith and feelings of appreciation for all who touched her life. Though her speech was very limited near the end, her response when asked how she was doing was always “perfect.” “She had a loving and generous heart.”
I’m not gonna lie, I get pissed at the person that was flat out rude, the person driving so slow that made me late, the lack of appreciation I was expecting, the gift I thought I deserved, the money I thought I earned and more so much more on my complaint list. Then I read an obituary like Debrorah’s and I will take out my Gratitude Jar, dust it off, and add one of many things I’m thankful for.
So Deb, you’re still touching lives and I’m not going to lie I needed to be reminded of the many things I’m grateful for.                         Thank you for reminding me,              Celeste

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