the road to change leads through grace


You’ve been around so long, and you’re so bittersweet
You save and you kill me in the same swift beat
You pulled me away from all that I love
But you felt so good and I couldn’t get enough
Everything that had mattered everyone I cared for
You’re now number one, you’re what I love and adore
I’m loyal to us, I’d give my life up for you
I’ll never forget that you were a true rescue
When I was broken and lost and drowning inside
You made me see light in once black skies
You pushed me so far, you kept me so strong
Baby in my eyes you could do me no wrong
You were my strength and my courage, my will and my drive
I chose to ignore that you killed me inside
Cuz the reality is in all of your glory
The feats you have conquered is only half of the story
You were once the most beautiful thing I had known
But when I saw your horns I realized I was alone
You had such a power, made me depend on your touch
I needed you to walk in this life like a crutch
See without your strength I go numb in my tracks
I go from trying to leave you to begging you back
Because even in times where I truly feel strong
I’ll never forget that we made a bond
For better or worse it has always been us
I just wish years later you still picked me up
now you fade like the sun that sets in the west
You’ve taken it all except my regret
I’m not angry at you but I hate all of me
For letting you see how weak I can be
So I’m making a choice to take it all back
As I make my life brighter I watch you fade to black
And I know there comes times where I’ll want you again
I just need to remember you were never my friend


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