the road to change leads through grace

Having nothing to lose means you have everything to gain.

It’s not about perfection any longer. And this is when you realize, it never was about perfection in the first place. Because no matter what it is that you’re intent on doing, you’re gonna get it wrong a hell of a lot more often than you’re gonna get it right. Anything that’s ever been done- been done well, been done seriously- has met with mind numbing failure. Show me a successful person and I will show you a person that’s been to their wit’s end many times over; inside of times they thought were too trying, inside of challenges they believed were too great. Their success had as much to do with soul as it did with skills. They didn’t stop driving when the road seemed an impossible thing to figure out.

And once they arrived at the place they’d worked so hard to get to, not a single fucking person ever said to themselves, “That’s perfect”. Nah, ah. They knew such an idea for what it is. Bullshit. Nothing’s perfect but God, and since He showed up before the rest of us, we’ll never know if the pristine reputation hid blemishes. And that’s alright, because his finished project was pretty amazing.

And that’s the point.

Forget what it means to be perfect. Instead, remember what it means to be a human being. The qualities of which are written in frailty. Being a human being, you learn quickly that life ain’t a cupcake social. It’s some really hard shit that can play your soul into an early grave- figuratively, literally, spiritually. But the one thing life cannot do is take your soul away. It’s always gonna be there for you. It’s been your partner through the desperate hours inside of way too many nowhere nights. And when you had no idea what was gonna happen, your soul had it covered. It’s never going to judge your steps. It’s never going to throw you away. It’s never going to tell you that the road isn’t worth trying to figure out.

The soul reminds us that weakness can be strength. It’s amazing when you come to understand that you really are stronger than you’re giving yourself credit for, and the reason why is because you’re not perfect. Every loss becomes a gain. Your stories will speak to this. Don’t worry about prettying up the words. Fairy tales are for Disney.

Your road has a story. Bring it.

Comments on: "Freedom is having nothing left to lose" (5)

  1. Thank you for this post. I enjoyed reading every second of it. The title was right on point.


  2. The forum is a brgteihr place thanks to your posts. Thanks!


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